Behavior Management Systems In A Classroom

These systems may vary from one teacher to the other due to the difference in the kinds of students that one handles. There is however some few consistent systems that have been found to be fundamental. These systems will help a teacher to make sure that the management skills that he or she has ill be effective and students can actually enjoy learning as a whole. These systems will help you to create that kind of learning environment that is not just suitable for the students but for you as well as the teacher of them. So, you need to know that these systems are the guidelines that will help you to enforce the rules that you have already created.

Well behaved students and technology use

Set Rules

This is usually the first day of school and most teachers tend to post the rules on the notice board for the students to see as they come into the school. Other teachers prefer to involve the students in setting up these rules and in these rare cases is where you find the order that you are looking for. You don’t have to let the students set the rules, but you can have them think that they are while in reality they are just coming up with the ideas that you had.

Consequences for rule breaking

The well behaved students feel at ease knowing that the teacher will always protect their basic rights as well as safety because of the consequences. The consequences should not be seen as punishment but rather as a fair and justifiable means to restore order in a class. These consequences should actually serve to discourage bad behavior and not be seen by the students as a reprimand to them breaking the rules. They should act as a guideline and not to instill fear in the students.

Reward and recognition of positive behavior

This is in the way that you do actually reward or recognize good behavior in certain students. Although this serves as a very important means of ensuring that the good behavior is recurring, it is all up to you to make sure that it does happen. This is in the way that you will be regarding or recognizing efforts made by the student. Don’t make others feel worse about their situation by implying that all should be like a certain student, but rather just recognize and thank the student.


Be consistent in the way that you enforce the rules that you had set. If you relax on these rules, then some students might see you as weak and take advantage of this. So, make sure that you are predictable, that they always know hat is coming with regards to their behavior. Students need to see the essence of them remaining respectful to your rules and thence you need to show them that you do mean business. Remember that if you are not consistent with the way that you enforce your rules, they are as good as nonexistent.

Remember that it is not just order that you are trying to bring into your classroom but you are actually creating a system that will go on to help the students in whatever they venture on in life.